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From: OMNI-JUR, the international community

To: United Nations (UN)

About: Committing war crimes, violating of universal human rights, conspiring against humanity, conducting psychological warfare, robbery, murder, brigandage, corruption, sexual abuse, pedophilia, torture, human trafficking, fraud

Date: December 18, 2013

* * *

In just a matter of days, the website United Nations Brigandage has collected more than 50 documented cases of severe misconduct by the UN, and that number is growing as we write this report.

All the cases have already received attention in the past by the international community, some more than others. Mainstream and alternative newspapers, websites and other outlets have already written and reported about the cases, and all cases contain enough facts, according to OMNI-JUR, to be found valid for further investigation and legal action.

Due to the diplomatic immunity of the United Nations, its Specialized Agencies and its officials, millions of people have yet to be compensated by the UN, once its diplomatic immunity has been lifted and legal action has been taken against the United Nations, resulting in its successful prosecution and conviction in the court(s) of law.

The more than 50 cases are factual reports about disinformation regarding the true intentions of the UN’s Agenda 21, about corruption, depopulation, destabilization & occupation, disarmament, drugs, human trafficking, internet control, man made global warming, mind control, Nazi links, pedophilia, sexual abuse and torture.

United Nations officials and personnel are directly involved in every single case!

The fact that there are so many cases where it is pointed out that the UN is involved in misconduct, coverups and the deliberate distribution of disinformation should be very alarming to the international community, since the United Nations is the largest international institution which describes itself, through the nature of its policies, as a global governing entity.

Due to the high number of known cases, and one can only imagine what has yet to come out, it is no longer possible nor acceptable to claim that it’s about a single situation where things unfortunately went wrong because of unexpected circumstances that occurred at the same time. That is in no way the truth at all.

It is very clear now, after thoroughly investigating every case, that it’s really about systematic abuse of and hostile intentions towards the free people of the world.

In order to understand the depth of the problems and the dangers of the current situation in which the international community finds itself, it is required to go through each and every single case one by one:

OMNI-JUR is convinced that everyone who is honest about the current status of and the practices by the United Nations as an entity, after learning all the above provided facts (and more), will come to the same conclusion as we do.

The time has come to face the truth about the United Nations and its real, yet hidden, agenda and as a result take legal action against these hostile intentions towards the international community and the individual person of each citizen of this planet who is not involved as a culprit in the misconducts of the UN.

The discovered facts make it more than clear that there’s an attack on the human health going on on a global scale, executed by the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies.

There are policies being implemented that do not line up with the facts and the truth, of which the UN is obviously aware, given the facts provided in the more than 50 cases. These policies are complete opposite of what the UN is being advertised to be doing. Instead of working towards world peace and a society free of diseases, the UN is putting all its resources at work to serve and enrich a rather small group of politicians, executives, bankers and corporations, while occupying and deliberately creating instability through the use of arms (weapons) in the parts of the world where the UN is active, under the pretense of “peacekeeping.”

Furthermore, it may be assumed with full certainty that the official narrative regarding the United Nations’ medical activities in the world is not a representation of the true, yet cloaked, agenda.

Terms like “population reduction” and “depopulation,” as independent investigators and journalists call it, do not refer to productive and healthy measures that the UN might have in mind. Instead it refers to the practices of the UN, and its partners, that have the intention to deliberately reduce the number of people who live on this planet, through the use of vaccines and other eugenics methods.

The UN is obviously also involved in deliberate fear mongering and knowingly spreading of inaccurate information, with the intention to manipulate the people of the world into believing fabricated realities and into accepting measures and policies which will limit:

  • the right to pursue good health and happiness
  • freedom of expression, religion and press

Overall, it is valid to state that the United Nations is violating its own conventions, treaties and guidelines, this alone should already be reason enough to audit the whole UN entity, all its branches, all its Specialized Agencies and every activity conducted.

According to OMNI-JUR, the known cases as mentioned and referred to in this report contain more than enough facts and evidence to justify the lifting of the diplomatic immunity of the UN and for legal actions against the UN for:

  • Committing war crimes
  • Violating of universal human rights
  • Conspiring against humanity
  • Conducting psychological warfare
  • Robbery
  • Murder
  • Brigandage
  • Corruption
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Pedophilia
  • Torture
  • Human Trafficking
  • Fraud

Certainly there must have been earlier collective reports about these and other findings and even attempts to undertake legal actions against the UN to finally hold them accountable for their brutal and inhumane actions and the results thereof.

One of the more resent cases which involved the Mothers of Srebrenica Association, regarding “the failure to prevent the genocide of around 8000 Bosnian Muslims in the East Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica in 1995,” resulted in the upholding of the UN’s diplomatic immunity by Dutch courts whereby the Mothers of Srebrenica Association was left behind empty-handed and was only able to continue their legal action against the State of the Netherlands (Ministry of General Affairs).

In 1999, the UN was again wrapped up in outrageous practices in Bosnia, “not during wartime but during the peace.” ‘Peacekeepers’ were then involved in trafficking of women for enslaved sex, rape and even murder. For her bravery, the whistleblower, Kathryn Bolkovac, was sacked by Dyncorp and the UN on their turn stopped its anti-trafficking initiatives in Bosnia. No one was convicted, according to Bolkovac.

More than 30 years earlier, in 1961, merely 16 years since the creation of the United Nations, the UN willingly caused a massacre in Katanga, Congo [1, 2]. News reporting was sabotaged, falsified and eventually practically entirely disabled when people in Katanga tried to communicate with the outside world about events in which civilians were murdered by bombings and about UN soldiers who killed infants using their bayonets. People also tried to alert the world about how the UN was knowingly attacking medical personnel and infrastructures, but instead of receiving help and outcry they got more radio silence and complete information censoring in the US and Europe. The Katanga massacre has cost hundreds of people their lives at the barbaric hands of the United Nations that has yet to be brought to trial for its crimes in Katanga.

This is the trend that the UN has set for itself ever since its creation, nothing has changed, except for the fact that more lives have been taken exponentially and that the UN’s barbarism has increased in every thinkable manner.

No wonder they hold on so tightly to their diplomatic immunity!

In order to give this OMNI-JUR report and our call for action more weight in the international community, it is necessary that people get behind our initiatives. With enough pressure, we will be able to have the UN’s diplomatic immunity lifted and can then finally take legal action against the United Nations.

Not merely by lifting its immunity can justice be served but also by entirely defunding and deconstructing this horrible historical monster.

Not responding to this call for justice is making the wrong choice, not only for us but for the next generations as well!

The situation is already out of control, people have been murdered and abused by a corrupt organization claiming to bring peace and justice, while the truth is the exact opposite. It’s time we expose this tyranny once and for all. The facts don’t lie.